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St Michael's School


Assistant Principal News

End of Year Concert and Awards Evening

The annual Christmas Concert and Awards Night will be held at the school on Monday 9th December commencing at 6.00pm with the formalities first and the performance to begin around 6:30pm. Kindy and pre-primary parents are invited to collect their children after their performances to take home or sit with families for the remainder of the performances. Miss Pin and Mrs Welch will provide more information closer to the concert.

Once again, parents are asked to bring fold-up chairs or cushions to sit on. Seating will be provided for the invited guests only.

This year all the children will be participating in a mini-musical, Little Red Riding Hood. Each class will participate in a segment of the musical and class costume requirements are listed below. There is absolutely no need for parents to go to any expense in getting the children dressed up for the evening. The idea is to keep it as simple or creative as you like. There are no hard and fast rules with the costumes. Should you have any queries about requirements please come and see Mrs Panizza or your class teacher.

Class costume requirements for Little Red Riding Hood

Away in a Manger
Angels and Sheperds
Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Wolf Masks. (supplied by school)
3 Little Pigs..See teacher for individual requirements.
Year 1
The Pigs Marching Song.
Pig masks.(supplied by school)
See teacher for individual requirements.
Year 2
Hey there Little Red Riding Hood.
Woodcutters, Wolves and Grandma. See teacher and class list for individual reqirements.
Year 3
Welcome to the Forest.
Own choice. Good and bad animals.(Australian )See teacher and class list for  individual requirements.
Year 4
Whistling and Waving.
Own choice. Good and Bad animals. Masks. Ears. Tails etc.
See teacher and class list for requirements.
Year 5
Butterflies and Bees
Bees and Butterflies supplied by school in Art. Good and Bad animals.   Trees. Green tinsel. See teacher for requriements.
Year 6
Knock, Knock, Knock
See teacher and class list for main characters. Remaining children… Good and Bad animals.


EduDance Costumes

I Feel Better When I’m Dancing


  • Dog theme black nose/whiskers
  • Plain bright coloured t-shirt (colour from the rainbow)
  • Preferably matching coloured shorts or leggings/trousers

King Julian’s Workout


‘80’s Workout’ style clothes… For example,

  • Leg warmers, sweat bands,
  • leotards ect.
  • Colour theme is black and neon/fluoro.


YR 1

  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Dress tie (adult tie in any colour)
  • Baseball cap (any colour)

Friend Like Me

YR 2

  • School Sports Shorts
  • Plain blue t-shirt
  • Gold/bronze cuffs made from contact

Hammer and the Frog

YR 3

  • School shorts
  • Plain green t-shirt.
  • Yellow headband (provided by Miss Swain)

Do Your Thing

YR 4

  • Teacher”  style clothes … For example, shirts, ties, moustache, art teacher, sport teacher etc.
  • (No accessories that may fall off or hinder the dance moves.)
  • Sports shoes are still to be worn

Funk Soul Brother

YR 5

  • Denim shorts/jeans
  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Flannel shirt around waist (any colour)

Hair Up

YR 6

  • Black t- shirt
  • Black Shorts / Leggings / Pants
  • Bright Coloured tape stuck on t-shirt and 1 leg.
  • (Optional – Crazy Hair ‘Up’.)


Pre-primary Class Reward

Last Friday the PP class walked down to Bambinos on Old Perth Road for an ice cream treat as they had reached their class goals. The students had discussed what they would like to do when they reached their goal and decided on a visit to Bambinos.


Swimming Week: Timetable


Depart St Michael’s


 Arrive at St Michael’s





Yr 1 and Yr 6




Yr 2 and Yr 5




Yr 3 and Yr 4





Swimming Week: Uniform

Please note that P-6 students can wear their school sports uniform every day next week due to daily swimming lessons.


Swimming Week: Canteen

Please note that due to the bus and swimming timetable the availability for the Canteen will be affected for the following classes;

Pre-primary – not available for recess

Year 2 and Year 5 – not available for lunch


Parent Feedback on Seesaw

This semester the K-3 classes adopted Seesaw for use with Student Learning Portfolios and to enhance parent communication. We have had a wonderful uptake with almost 100% of K-3 parents signing up and embracing this digital means of communicating student learning. To support our ongoing review of the success of Seesaw we would like to invite parents to provide any comments, suggestions or feedback about the impact of this tool. Please take a moment to answer the question; How have you found the implementation of Seesaw at St Michael’s in 2019?

Question Link:

Thank you.


Wanted: Book Covering Volunteers

Recently we have been fortunate enough to purchase a number of take-home levelled readers to boost our resources in the Junior Primary classrooms. In order to get these books ready for use by students, we are looking for volunteers who may be able to take a few home to cover with contact. If you are able to assist with this, please let Mrs Jemima Saunders or the front office know. Thank you so much to the wonderful volunteers we’ve already had!


Catholic Youth Summit

On Friday 21st November, Mr Powles and three Year 5 students, Katie, Mia and Sabastian, attended the Catholic Youth Summit at Chisholm Catholic College. The theme of the summit was to help empower young leaders to Be The One. The students have written about the activities and message from the day.

Session One: Nathan Leber, Caritas

Nathan Leber taught us many valuable ways we can be good leaders in our community and how to be the best people we can possibly be. He taught us that if we can have a personal relationship with God, we can let God grow within us so that we can live as He intends. To be wonderful leaders in our community, we should be patient and listen to others, we should have the ability to persevere and never give up and we should have the ability to be meek (having the ability to say sorry and to accept apologies). If we can put these traits into our everyday lives, we could be better leaders. It is important to remember that God is love and He loves us. God wants us to be ourselves and to not compare ourselves to others. If we can simply be ourselves, we could be much better people and much more content. To be better leaders we should put ourselves to the service of others and try to assist them in any way possible. If we can be bold and passionate about who we are, we can help others to lead in our example and we can be God’s holy people in our everyday, individual lives. We should always remember that prayer changes us, and we can change the world.

By Mia, Year 5

Session Two: Standing Strong

In this session we did a range of fitness activities and a talked about how you can Be The One. The activities taught us the importance of movement and looking after our bodies. We can Be The One by showing love to God and also setting a good example to people about how they can Be The One. The presenters explained to us that you can just talk to God and lead the way by being compassionate and encourage people to Be The One.

By Sabastian, Year 5

Session Three: Sean Pollard, Paralympian

Pollard was surfing with his girlfriend one day when he was severely attacked by a great white shark. Both legs were injured, and he lost both arms. After many years, he is now able to walk and talk about his experience. His message was powerful. From this awful experience, he learnt that it was important to never give up. Before the shark incident, he was an extremely naughty kid and because of this, he was suspended from school multiple times until he settled into Bunbury and found his passion for surfing. When he was older, he became an electrician for 2 years and a tradesman for 3 years. A very close friend died on the job site, so Sean turned to alcohol to try to solve his sadness. He developed low self-esteem and could not find happiness until he met a lovely girl who then became his girlfriend and helped him see the light. It was while he was surfing with his girlfriend, he was attacked. It was pure luck that the shark went for his board and he was able to get away. With the help of others, he survived. Although he had lost his arms he didn’t give up; in fact, he continued his next passion of snowboarding. His story to share with everyone was about courage, bravery and persistence.  Every one of us can BE THE ONE. When things are tough, we too can be brave and never give up.

By Katie, Year 5

Assistant Principals
Jemima Saunders and Ryan Powles


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