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St Michael's School


Assistant Principal News

End of Year Concert and Awards Evening

The annual Christmas Concert and Awards Night will be held at the school on Monday 9th December commencing at 6.00pm with the formalities first and the performance to begin around 6:30pm. Kindy and pre-primary parents are invited to collect their children after their performances to take home or sit with families for the remainder of the performances. Miss Pin and Mrs Welch will provide more information closer to the concert.

Once again, parents are asked to bring fold up chairs or cushions to sit on. Seating will be provided for the invited guests only.

A designated area will be provided for parents to take photos while their child is on stage. After you have taken your photo please return to your seats to allow others the same privilege. At all other times, parents and family members must remain in their designated seating area.

EduDance Costumes

The EduDance concert will be commencing at 2pm in the School Hall on Friday 13th December. To accommodate the large numbers that attend the concert, we have moved the stage area to the canteen wall side of the hall. We will have rows for seating and standing room at the back. A reminder of the costume requirements is provided below.

I Feel Better When I’m Dancing


  • Dog theme black nose/whiskers
  • Plain bright coloured t-shirt (colour from the rainbow)
  • Preferably matching coloured shorts or leggings/trousers

King Julian’s Workout


‘80’s Workout’ style clothes… For example,

  • Leg warmers, sweat bands,
  • leotards ect.
  • Colour theme is black and neon/fluoro.


YR 1

  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Dress tie (adult tie in any colour)
  • Baseball cap (any colour)

Friend Like Me

YR 2

  • School Sports Shorts
  • Plain blue t-shirt
  • Gold/bronze cuffs made from contact

Hammer and the Frog

YR 3

  • School shorts
  • Plain green t-shirt.
  • Yellow headband (provided by Miss Swain)

Do Your Thing

YR 4

  • Teacher”  style clothes … For example, shirts, ties, moustache, art teacher, sport teacher etc.
  • (No accessories that may fall off or hinder the dance moves.)
  • Sports shoes are still to be worn

Funk Soul Brother

YR 5

  • Denim shorts/jeans
  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Flannel shirt around waist (any colour)

Hair Up

YR 6

  • Black t- shirt
  • Black Shorts / Leggings / Pants
  • Bright Coloured tape stuck on t-shirt and 1 leg.
  • (Optional – Crazy Hair ‘Up’.)


Vinnies Annual Christmas Appeal

Thank you for your generous donations for the Vinnies Annual Christmas Appeal. Your support ensures Vinnies 3,500 volunteers can continue provide vital access to food, accommodation and emotional support to over 40,000 men, women and children facing hardship and poverty.

The kindness of these donations will make a real difference this Christmas to Western Australians – because you give, lives are changed. We will be collecting donations until Wednesday 11th December.

Mega Book Sale

It is pleasing to see the many books that will be finding new homes at Mega Book Sale. Continue to drop books at the Year 4 room up until Tuesday 10th December. Our Mega Book Sale will take place on the morning of Wednesday 11th December.

Electrical Elijah!

This week Elijah G in Pre-primary shared with his class an ‘electrifying’ project he has been working on at home. He has shown how an electrical circuit can be made using wires, batteries and POTATOES! Elijah was able to talk about how to connect the wires to make a closed circuit so that the small clock would light up. It even works using your body too so people must have electricity inside them. Thanks for sharing your amazing project with us Elijah!

Wanted: Book Covering Volunteers

Recently we have been fortunate enough to purchase a number of take-home levelled readers to boost our resources in the Junior Primary classrooms. In order to get these books ready for use by students, we are looking for volunteers who may be able to take a few home to cover with contact. If you are able to assist with this, please let Mrs Jemima Saunders or the front office know. We only have four bags left to cover – a wonderful effort from some amazing parent volunteers, thank you.


Assistant Principals
Jemima Saunders and Ryan Powles


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