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St Michael’s School


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St Michael’s School


Assistant Principal News

We are always learning!

Last week St Michael’s teaching staff explored how we can record instruction face to camera, content to camera or via screen recording. Families connected to Seesaw (K-4) and Teams (5/6) will have seen how each staff member has worked to design, facilitate and respond digitally with all students. This week teaching staff held professional learning discussions about the current strategies we are using to providing targeted feedback to students wherever they may be learning; at home or at school. I would like to publicly acknowledge the enormous effort that staff have given, to adopt and implement these skills into their pedagogical toolkits so quickly.

In addition, we would like to commend all parents and caregivers who supported, or who continue to support the online learning St Michael’s has been developing for students. We understand that at times, this has been a steep learning curve for everyone and it has been wonderful to witness such patience and dedication to student learning during challenging or uncertain circumstances.


Watch this space…

During this past fortnight Mr Rob Coughlan has been very busy re-designing the old computer lab room into the new HASS classroom. With the distribution of Macbooks placed in the classrooms with the students, the utilization of the computer lab became available for a new purpose. Mr Coughlan has been setting up this space with student learning in mind, creating a dedicated space for his Learning Area. As a result, our Library continues to evolve too. So watch this space…

Assistant Principal (Curriculum) 


Learning about shapes in Pre-primary


Assistant Principals
Jemima Saunders and Ryan Powles


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