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St Michael's School


Community News

St. Joseph’s Parish Bassendean

A joint invitation between the St. Joseph’s Parish and St. Michael’s School, is extended to all St. Michaels’s School families and St. Joseph’s Parishioners.

Sunday, June 23rd

Blessing of the Bell Tower & Mass @ 9:00am  (The bell was first erected in St. Michael / St. Joseph’s, Bassendean in 1952, this bell was placed in its new tower in May 2019 – 150 years after it was cast in Dublin, Ireland, in 1867. Come and join us the historical moment of seeing the Bell & the Bell tower blessed by Bishop Sproxton. )

Corpus Christi Procession @ 10:00am  ( The procession is an outward expression of our Catholic faith & belief in the real presence of the Risen Christ, under the appearance of the Consecrated Host. Please come with family and children and join us to give honour and praise to Our Lord Jesus. )

Agape La  ( Lamb on a spit, wonderful food, live music and great entertainment in the parish hall and school grounds.)

  • BRING A PLATE: Please indicate what dish you would like to bring.
  • VOLUNTEERS: Please indicate if you can help
  • DONATIONS: Gold Coin donation on the day
  • RSVP: By filling in the form via the connected app OR  email to the parish office before Sun June 16.
  • ENQUIRIES: Catherine Gordon, office 9379 2691 /


Before Care Program – onsite

OSHClub has recently supported the St Michael’s community with adding a Before Care service to the After Care program.

The service opens at 7:00am and provides children with structured and unstructured games, physical activities and play-based learning. Breakfast is included and children are then delivered to class.

Depending on your government rebates this service can cost as little as $6.00 for the morning session (fee without rebates is $21.90)

 After school care runs from 2.45 to 6.00pm (full fee excluding CCS subsidy is $32.90)

Pop into the service to see what it’s about or book through our website at


Encouraging healthy attitudes towards women

Recent events and current statistics highlight that as a nation we have a serious problem when it comes to domestic violence. While there’s no easy solution, together, we can do our part to stop violence against women. If you’re a parent or guardian, you can play an important role. Disrespect towards girls can begin in childhood, and we can break the cycle when we teach our children to be respectful and caring right from the start.

As parents, we have three main jobs:

  • First, to love our children and build a strong lifetime bond
  • Second, to keep them safe from harm until they can do that for themselves
  • Third, to teach them all the skills they need to thrive in life and to make a positive difference in the world

Life skills approach to raising children

So what life skills do children need to learn when it comes to the issue of preventing violence against girls and women? As parents, we can talk with our kids about:

  • Behaving respectfully towards others
  • Communicating their needs using words and without the need to hit, snatch or shout
  • Managing their emotions and their behaviours so as not to ‘fly off the handle’

Start the conversation about respect early

Start by responding to your child calmly when they are disrespectful to others. The following three-step communication approach can be used from early childhood through to teen years. Let’s put it into practice.

If a boy is making fun of his sister or a female friend:

  1. STOP: Respond calmly rather than react asking him to stop the teasing.
  2. EMPATHISE: Invite your son to see the behaviour through the eyes of his sister. ‘How do you think your sister/friend feels right now?’
  3. EDUCATE: Provide options such as ignoring his sister or friend if she’s annoying him or providing an appropriate social script he can use to communicate his thoughts such as, “I find it annoying when you don’t share the computer”

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

When it comes to gaining academic knowledge and learning skills, parents know it takes years of consistent effort from childhood through to adolescence. In the same way, parents can take a long-term approach to teaching life skills beginning right from toddler to teen.

Parents lead the way

Parents are powerful teachers and role models for the next generation. We can teach our children how to be respectful and kind to each other. By stopping disrespect and violence at the start we can play a crucial role in putting an end to violence against girls and women.

Resources you can use

The Stop it at the Start campaign provides parents, family members and others with information and practical resources to self-reflect, and talk to boys and girls aged 10-17 about being respectful and caring. You can find videos, guides and other resources to help you have conversations with your children at

There is so much we can do in families to develop healthy attitudes toward women. Through modelling and teaching we can change entrenched attitudes and behaviours that will put an end to the cycle of violence against women.

By Dr Rosina McAlpine

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24:7 Bassendean Youth Group

For all youth in Years 6-12
Every 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday of the month, from 6:30-8:30 in the Parish hall

Call Aloyse (0401 348 508) or Anthony (0481 737 771) for more information

God bless,
Aloyse & Anthony
24:7 Bassendean Youth Ministers


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