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St Michael's School


Faith for the Journey

The Bible

The bible comes from a Greek word biblia meaning “books’. There are 73 books in the bible. The old testament (or Hebrew scriptures) refers to books written before the time of Christ. The New Testament consists of 27 books and is comprised of Gospels, letters and books written in the first years of the Christian Church. The four Gospels are written by four disciples; Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. Jesus taught us how to live as good Christians through storytelling such as parables and these stories have been recorded and passed on through the Gospels. Each disciple gives a different perspective on the teachings and life of Jesus. The teachings of Jesus from the Gospels form an integral part of our Religious Education curriculum and we encourage students to emulate Jesus. Thinking back to Jesus as the person we meet in the Gospels, we often try to stop and think, ‘What would Jesus do?’.


Dear Lord,

Jesus was the perfect example of how I should live my life. Allow me the strength and wisdom to follow in his footsteps.
Let every step I take, be a step closer to you as I try to think and act as Jesus did. I will often fall short, but I ask that you bless me with the strength and courage to try again and again.
Thank you for never giving up on me and for loving me with a perfect love greater than anything I could ever hope for or desire.
Please make me more like Jesus, in whose precious name, I pray.



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