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St Michael's School


4 James St
Bassendean WA 6054
PO Box 428
Bassendean WA 6934
08 6278 9888
Absentee Line - 6278 9802

St Michael's School


Message from the Principal – Newsletter 15

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I hope you have all had a terrific week!

As the colder months are upon us, cold and flu season has begun and we are sending home many unwell children, some several days in a row. We ask that you please do not send children to school when they are unwell, particularly so that we can limit the spread of infections throughout the school. Please assist us to keep staff and other students healthy by keeping sick children at home to rest and recover. 


Recently we have been experiencing some parking congestion on Hamilton Street. We ask you to please be courteous to other drivers and exercise caution and safe practices while parking and driving. Please do not block others in by parking behind them.

A reminder that the line of cars on James St at pick up time should be a continuously moving line. Please reinforce our messages with your child about coming out to James Street, promptly after school. We ask parents not to leave their car when in the drive through area as this stops the flow of traffic and please do not encourage students to walk down to the roundabout to enter your car. Students are only permitted to enter cars which are stopped in the drive through area marked with diagonal lines.

3 Year Old Kindergarten 2020 or 2021

We are currently investigating our options in terms of setting up a 3 year old kindergarten in either 2020 or 2021 to operate on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays when the Kindy room is not in use. We have received in principle approval from CEWA, however, as no funding is available for 3 year old kindergarten programs, it would need to be self-funded by the school on a user pays basis. Hence, it is vital that, before we proceed any further with our plans, we determine the level of interest for this service in the community and whether or not this is a financially viable option for us. To assist us with our planning, if you are interested in this service, we ask that you complete the survey below. Please assist us also by passing this link on to any of your friends who may also be interested and share it amongst your friends at mother’s groups, day cares etc.

Extra Long Weekend!

An important reminder that this weekend is an extra-long weekend for St. Michael’s. The school will be closed on both Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th June. Staff and students will return to school on Wednesday 5th June. We hope that you enjoy this extra family time. Have a wonderful weekend!

God bless

Dr Siobhan Galos



To St Michael’s Staff and St Michael’s families past and present,

We would like to thank you for your support and your condolences on the passing of our son, Kyle.
It has meant more than words can say.

Tania, Shane and Sarah Falappi





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