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St Michael's School


Message from the Principal – Newsletter 16

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I hope that you all enjoyed the extra-long weekend and were able to make the most of the additional family time! The mini-break was certainly well deserved by our staff and they were appreciative of the extra day to recharge. End of semester report writing is now in full swing and these will be made available on Monday 1st July. This gives parents time to set up a meeting with teachers in the last week of term to discuss any concerns that may arise from the reports.

Kindy Interviews

Kindy interviews for new families is now complete and enrolment places have been offered. Sibling interviews have not yet concluded, however, all siblings of current St. Michael’s students are guaranteed a place so there is no need for any concern. We thank you for your patience with this and all interviews should be completed by the end of this term. After siblings and new Catholic families were offered places there were only a few spots left and, unfortunately, many families who were very keen to join our community have been left disappointed. Whilst we hate to disappoint so many families, it is an enviable position for the school to be in and this is due to the fantastic work that our staff do and the wonderful, welcoming community of parents and students that we have. The school is currently receiving amazing word of mouth advertising so thank you for you all you do to promote our school community and, more importantly, all you do to contribute to making our school such a great place to be!

Chisholm Enrolments

Chisholm Catholic College is in a similar position to St. Michael’s, with enrolment demand continuing to be very strong. Whilst it is pleasing that so many families regard the college and the associated educational experience so highly, it does produce significant difficulties in trying to accommodate everyone who applies and, just like St. Michael’s, the level of demand requires waiting Lists to be established.

At Chisholm, the large enrolment intake means the process can take longer than other Catholic schools but the principal, Mr John Bormolini, values the process of providing individual interviews for each new family.  John has asked that I let our families know that he is aware of that, understandably, this can be a worrying time for the parents and children of a new family hoping to gain a place at Chisholm and who have yet to be interviewed or receive an offer.  He urges families from the surrounding Catholic primary schools to be patient with the process as they await their turn for the interview. There have not been any unsuccessful letters for the current 2021 intake sent to parents and this will not occur until next term, once the process is complete. If you have any concerns at all, please feel free to contact Chisholm College directly.

Congratulations the Cross Country team and Miss Brescacin for a terrific effort in achieving 2nd place at the interschool carnival yesterday. Even more importantly, the behaviour and outstanding sportsmanship displayed made us all very proud! Well done!

God bless

Dr Siobhan Galos


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