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St Michael’s School


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St Michael’s School


Message from the Principal – Newsletter 27

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Our Year 5 and 6 students have had a ball on camp this week at Ern Halliday in Hillarys. They have been learning about teamwork, pushing their personal boundaries and overcoming challenges as they have participated in various activities including caving, rock climbing, flying fox and orienteering. Thank you to our staff who have given up their own family time and the comforts of home to attend camp: Miss Katherine Riolo, Miss Julia Hodson, Mr Rob Coughlan and Mrs Lola Stewart. We also thank Mr Trent Huckerby for attending as our parent helper. Thank you to a number of staff members who have dropped in on various days and evenings to assist, including our social worker, Mrs Lisa Mueller who spent a considerable amount of time at camp, particularly on the first two nights, helping to settle any anxiety experienced from being away from home. I’ve enjoyed two days at camp with the students and have been so impressed with the way that they have encouraged each other and pushed themselves to overcome their fears, especially on the flying fox and climbing wall. The increasing amount of maturity and courage they have demonstrated is fantastic to see!


New Access System – Installation Complete

Our new access system has been installed and we thank you for your patience! The system is working well and has assisted us to meet a number of focus areas identified in our Risk Management Plan and through our evacuation drills, helping to enhance student safety and school security.

The main gates at James and Hamilton Streets are now less cumbersome to open and they automatically unlock at 8.15am and lock again at 9am. As usual, between 9am and 2.45pm, access to the school is through the front office. The new system now allows easy exit through either gate at any time of the day. Between 9am and 2.45pm just look for the exit buttons on the wall of the Kindy or Year 2 classrooms. We ask you, however, to please be aware of not letting anyone in through these gates as you exit. Please be proactive and inform anyone trying to enter the premises that they must do so through reception. Between 9am and 2.45pm, we now are able to control who enters the school through an intercom at reception. If you are entering during this time, we now have a doorbell to the left of the door so that reception staff can buzz you in.


Sports Carnival Etiquette

We are all looking forward to our sports carnivals next week (Jumps and Throws on the BIC on Monday and the Track events at Guildford Grammar on Wednesday). I’d like to take this opportunity to remind parents that the judges’ decisions are final and no discussions will be entered into. Please do not approach the judges to discuss the outcome of any event. All adults in attendance are models for the students and we want to model positive behaviours such as resilience, how to positively handle disappointment, good sportsmanship and respectful communication. We also ask parents to remain in the spectator areas and not to stand near the finish line as this impedes the ability of the judges to have a good view of the finish line and work together efficiently. Our school code of conduct outlines our expectations of respectful behaviours and can be found on our website: . We look forward to an enjoyable couple of days in a spirit of fun and participation!

Have a lovely weekend!

Dr Siobhan Galos



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