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St Michael's School


Message from the Principal – Newsletter 35

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Thank you to all the parents and staff who have supported recent school events such as the AGM, Circuit Breakers Science Fair and our walk to school day. This is a busy time of the year for everyone so we appreciate your efforts! Thank you to Jac Wilson for coordinating the counting process for the walk to school day and all her efforts to try to have a lollipop crossing established on Guildford Road.

Thank you also to everyone who generously supported our bush fire appeal today. If you would like to donate online you can do so via this link:

2019 AGM

A copy of my AGM report is now available on the school website. Congratulations and thank you to the following parents who have agreed to support the school in the following roles in 2020:

School Board                                                    P & F

Sue Criniti                                                        Tanwyn Travers – President     

Amanda Versace                                               Melissa Maiolo – Secretary

Daniel Stefanelli                                               Kristy Mouchemore – Treasurer

Dave Parson                                                     Kirsty Fagan – Fundraising Co-ordinator

Elliott Brannen

Emma Walke

P & F Rep TBC

In particular, thank you and welcome to Emma Walke who is our newest edition to the school board and Kristy Mouchemore who will be taking over from Bec Dwyer as P & F Treasurer next year. The school board will decide on their formal roles at their first meeting in 2020. The P & F will do the same in relation to their board representative for 2020. Thank you to Jac Wilson for serving on the board in 2019 as the P & F rep.

A huge thank you must go to Kara Collins and Bec Dwyer, our outgoing Board Chair and P & F Treasurer. Both ladies have been passionate supporters of our school and have so generously given of their wisdom, time and efforts over many years on the board and P & F. With their youngest children graduating at the end of the year, we will miss their support and wonderful energy around the school. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Kara and Bec for all you have given us – you will be sorely missed!

 2020 Fees

The board have now approved the 2020 school budget and fees which includes a 4% increase in tuition fees. This increase is under the maximum CEWA recommendation. The board has also implemented a plan to make small adjustments to Kindy fees over the next few years to gradually bring them more in line with CEWA recommendations. A fee schedule for 2020 has been posted on the Connected App and is available on our website.

2021 Kindergarten – Enrolments Now Open

A reminder that we are now accepting enrolments for Kindergarten in 2021. Enrolment interviews will occur late in Term 1 and early in Term 2 next year so please spread the word to family and friends. Don’t forget, even if you already have a child at St. Michael’s, whilst you will receive preference, we still require an enrolment form to be completed so that we can add your child’s name to our class list!

CEWA Update

The bishops of W.A. have made the decision to incorporate Catholic Education in our state. As a result, our system will become CEWA Ltd. as of 1st January 2020. The impact of this on schools will be minimal, however, we will continue to keep you updated as more information comes to light. We are aware that, given that the new governance structure of CEWA Ltd. will consist of a board of trustees, this will impact on the role of school boards. Hence, a review of the name and constitution of school boards will take place in 2020. However, principals and CEWA remain committed to ensuring strong partnerships and opportunities for parents to play an advisory role, so I am confident that any changes to the function of the school board will be reasonably minimal.                                                  

As end of year events start to ramp up over the next few weeks, please continue to care for each other during this busy and often tiring time of the year. I encourage everyone to keep in mind our Catholic ethos and school code of conduct as we interact with each other and ensure that we have a positive end to the school year. Let’s continue to support each other and show the wonderful pastoral care for each other that this community does so well!

Don’t forget, swimming lesson week is nearly upon us (commencing Monday 2nd December).


Have a terrific weekend!

Dr Siobhan Galos



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