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St Michael’s School


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St Michael’s School


Message from the Principal – Newsletter 13

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Well done to everyone on another positive week. We had more students returning to school, moved closer to our class-based teaching, improved (slightly) in our pick-up procedures and the students continued to show resilience, confidence and persistence.

Two weeks ago, we had around 45% of our students at school and since then we have continued to rise, reaching above 90% this week. I am happy that parents feel safe sending their children to St Michael’s to continue their learning.

Due to restrictions we have adjusted the pick-up and drop off procedures. I feel that drop-off has worked well, and it has been amazing to see the children in the early years grow with confidence as they make steps towards moving to class independently. It is the highlight of my day getting to see each child enter the school with a smile ready to learn. With double the number of students at school from the first week, the pick-up process has continued to undergo changes to make it a safe and smooth procedure. On Monday, we will trial students in Years 5 and 6, where possible, moving to the Hamilton St pick-up. There are finer details to the plan that will be sent out to the Year 5 and 6 parents. The goal is to reduce the number of cars on James St and avoid dangerous traffic congestion at Old Perth Rd. Thank you for displaying your family name sign. I feel I am getting know most cars but the name cards help when families change cars.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the COVID virus. As mentioned in yesterdays email to parents, everybody experiences their own personal challenges and the current crisis has intensified the situation by impacting on our health care system, causing financial hardship and causing disconnect through isolation. Continue to look out for each other and take time to look after yourself. We will be supporting the students and teachers will contact parents if they have any concerns. CEWA have created this web page for parents to support child wellbeing.

Our close thoughts are with families in our school community. Our prayers are with the Baxter family as the lay their father to rest on Friday. We continue to pray for the Mumme family as Rose Mumme’s husband Keith. And also, our prayers are with Mrs Schnell and her family after the recent passing of her grandmother.

Looking to the future, Jemima and I will be investigating what events could possibly occur this term. For these to go ahead we will need all parents continuing to be vigilant and practising social distancing while waiting for students at the end of the day and at any events we are able to orgnaise.

Have a great weekend everybody and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday

Warm regards,

Ryan Powles
Acting Principal


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