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St Michael's School


4 James St
Bassendean WA 6054
PO Box 428
Bassendean WA 6934
08 6278 9888
Absentee Line - 6278 9802

St Michael's School


School News

Term Calendar

The latest Term Calendar is always available from the school website and via the Important Dates within the Connected App.



Reading Support

Calling all parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles.  Do you have time to listen and support some of our wonderful readers here at St Michael’s?  We have timeslots available for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.  If you have time to help, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact Mrs Lesley Schnell through the front office.

Absence Calls / Notes / Emails

Please note, teachers do not get to sit down and check their emails first thing in the morning, so if you have emailed the teacher regarding your child’s absence, they may not receive the information until later in the day. Therefore, please do not be upset if you receive an SMS or phone call from the Office to clarify the absence.

For this reason, a phone call to the ABSENTEE LINE is a more efficient way of communicating an absence than an email. Please note also, a SIGNED NOTE also needs to be provided to the teacher on your child’s return to school. The Department of Education Services has confirmed that whilst an SMS or phone message is NOT a substitute for a signed note when reporting absences, an email meeting the following criteria can be accepted:

  • the full name of the student
  • the class / roll group of the student
  • the reason for the absence
  • the full name of the parent/guardian at the end of the message (the ‘from’ email address is not sufficient).


School Banking

Where and When?

School banking is every Wednesday morning. Grey satchels are collected from the classroom at 8.45am and is generally completed by 9.30am. If you miss the collection bag or have any queries, you can find us in the Multi-Purpose room which is behind the prayer garden and next to the Year 5 classroom. We always welcome volunteers to come and help. No finance skills required!



You could be eligible to redeem a reward right now!

There are some great new Polar Savers rewards for students to choose from this year – and right now we have about 20% of the school who can redeem rewards straight away! Some of you can even redeem two rewards!

You will receive a reward slip next Wednesday if you are eligible, so be sure to keep a look out when the grey banking satchel is returned to your classroom on Wednesday morning.

You need 10 tokens to redeem a reward, but you can put your order in when you get to 8 tokens. This means you can get in early and get the reward you really want.

Have you got a brother or sister who has left St Michaels?

Ex-students can continue to bank with us and redeem rewards. Just pop their deposit book in with a current St Michaels child and we can take care of the rest. You can still claim rewards and it is a great support with our fundraising.

 How does the fundraising work?

School banking is an educational activity and also a fundraising activity. The fundraising is based on the number of students who have made at least one deposit each year and the number of deposits made each term.

In the past it was based on the amount of money deposited but this changed in 2018. This means that 50c or $50 a week gives us the same benefit to our fundraising.

We receive contributions as follows:

Annual contribution

Based on the number of students who made at least one deposit in the prior year we receive a one-off payment of:

No. Students Contribution
1 – 100 $100
101 – 200 $200
201 – 300 $300

Regular Savers Contribution

This is $5 for every 10 deposits made per student. This is paid each quarter and enables a maximum of $20 per student for a 40-week school year.

If every child made 30 deposits each year, we could raise $3900 for our school which goes straight back to you, our P&F.

 Are you ready to join our school banking?

Look out for your banking kit this week or give your Banking Coordinator, Renee, a call on 0439 965 378.



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