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St Michael’s School


School News

Year 6 Media Ministry

Hello students, parents, and teachers,

This week has been chill. Cross country is on next week. The school Library is open once again. Keep that uniform correct. A big congratulations to all classes who have been working very hard. 

Cross country is next week. Year 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s have been training in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for cross country. A reminder that if you are in your Winter uniform you can bring you running shoes and change them after running.  

The Library is open once again. Just a reminder to get students to bring their books on Monday and put them in the box near the red-letter box so the Library ladies can get them ready for Tuesday borrowing. 

This week the Year 6’s will nearly be finished their art project which is about their Confirmation piece. That will take place at the church.  

The Year 3’s has been working really hard. 


Media Ministry

School Social Worker Message

Charting a new course for kids post Covid-19

The recent period of isolation has offered an opportunity to embed good mental health practices in children and young people. Three key health practices to continue to include healthy eating, plenty of exercises and good sleep patterns. Add regular mindfulness practice, deep breathing and the opportunity to spend plenty of time in nature and you’ll be establishing a strong mental health and wellbeing framework for life.

Life in social isolation has meant family members have had to compromise. Extroverts who love to be surrounded by people have had to give parents and siblings the space they need. Introverts who prefer their own company have been sharing their time, space and company with other family members. Post COVID-19, consider encouraging kids to experience a mixture of alone time, allowing for personal reflection and family time, which promotes family connection. Both are essential for healthy wellbeing.

Increased one-on-one time between parents and kids has been a positive side effect of living in social isolation. The opportunity for parents to connect with children and young people with greater depth and meaning is a return to eldership, practised by past generations. Eldership, where parents shared their wisdom and their vulnerabilities with young people when combined with healthy rites of passage is a time-honoured way of preparing young people for adulthood.

This period of social isolation has provided a rare opportunity for parents to renew and refresh their children’s lifestyles, and in some circumstances, reboot family lives as well. It would be a waste to climb back on the busy roundabout of life once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, without making some positive changes to the way we live.

Michael Grose
Parenting Ideas

Helping Minds

The majority of mental health challenges will emerge before the age of 25. The earlier that young people at risk receive to support the more likely they are to cope with challenging situations and emotions.

It is easy for young people to be overwhelmed by their emotions if they have no one to talk to, if they feel misunderstood or if they have no one around them that they trust. The ‘right’ support will provide them with tools and techniques to develop resilience and mental and emotional strength and will steer them away from negative habits and behaviours.

Helping Minds offer free and confidential counselling to children aged 7 – 17 years of age and have some great school holiday online, one-hour workshops on topics ranging from expressive journaling to mindfulness, and even one on explosions and outbursts! View all the available workshops and register using this link:

Lisa Mueller
School Social Worker
Available Mondays and Wednesdays


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