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Year 6 Media Ministry

Hello reader and welcome back to another edition of the St Michael’s newsletter. Apologies, but this week we are doing a shorter newsletter as not much has happened this week.  

Year Four Interviews 

Today Mia and Ruby will be interviewing four Year Four students after celebrating First Holy Communion on the weekend.   


Mia:  Did you enjoy your First Holy Communion?  

 Aiden:  Yes.   

Mia:  Why?  

Aiden:  Because I had Jesus inside me.  

Mia: What did you learn prior to your receiving of the Eucharist? 

Aiden: That it is an incredibly special occasion. And because I grow spiritually. I also learnt about the Last Supper.  

Mia:  What is the Last Supper?  

Aiden:  It was the last Passover, and the first mass.  

Mia:  What did you enjoy most about your Holy Communion Retreat?  

Aiden:  Eating a shared lunch.  

Mia:  Now, as my last question; How did you feel once you had received the Eucharist?  

Aiden:  I felt happy, and I had Jesus inside of me.  

Mia:  OK. Thank you for your time.   


Mia:  Did you enjoy your First Holy Communion?  

Amelia:  Yes. Because I ate the bread of Christ.  

Mia:  What did you learn before eating the body of Christ?  

Amelia:  We watched a movie, which told us about Moses and about how he said:  Let my people go.  

Mia:  What did you enjoy most about your Holy Communion Retreat?  

Amelia:  We played a game like tag, but we had to hold hands, so that we may connect together. And because we were learning Baptism.  

Mia:  What did you feel once you had eaten the Eucharist?  

Amelia:  I felt good and happy. Because I had Jesus inside me.  

Mia:  Thank you for your time.  


Ruby. What was your favourite part?  

Harrison. That Jesus is now inside me. 

Ruby. What was it like learning more about Jesus? 

Harrison. It was like Jesus was closer to me. 

Ruby. What was your favourite part of the retreat. 

Harrison. My favourite part was eating the lunch that my class mates prepared 

Ruby. How did you feel before coming into the church? 

Ruby. Thank for your time. 


Ruby: What was your favorite part of learning more about Jesus? 

Anna: Watching the movie. 

Ruby: Did you feel different after Holy Communion? 

Anna: I felt happy. 


From the Media Ministry

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Kindest regards,

Grazia Redolatti


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