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St Michael’s School


4 James St
Bassendean WA 6054
PO Box 428
Bassendean WA 6934
08 6278 9888
Absentee Line – 6278 9802

St Michael’s School


Student Achievements

Merit Awards

PP:……….Abbey B.,  Molly F., Elsie B.;
Yr 1……. Rhys W.;
Yr 2……Harry T.,  Aidan B.,
Yr 3……….. Laike A.,  Lily M., Eva A.,  Ruby S.;
Yr 4………Stacey B., Zack H.;.
Yr 5…… Veronica J.,  Cornelius T.,  Jasmine A,  Alexander J…
Yr6………… Theo W.,  Christopher W..
Reading Recovery………Jaeger E.,  Oliver P.,  Georgia Z-L.

Making Jesus Real

A key part to discovering Christ in our lives is reflection. In our busy lives, we are often so rushed and going from one thing to the next that we find ourselves time poor. But, sometimes we need to slow down and make time to reflect. As written in the Bishop’s Mandate, parents are the first educators and we, as schools, support parents in the spiritual growth of their children.

Below are some questions to guide reflection with your children to help see who made Jesus real this week.

  • Who did you see Make Jesus real this week?
  • What did you do this week to be a WESTY (Welcoming, Encouraging, saying Sorry and Thank You)?

Well done to our student who were recognised this week for their WESTY actions.

Class award- Year 6

The Year 6 students were a splendor to watch on Wednesday evening as they danced for their parents. There was plenty of encouragement from dance partners; guiding or steering their partner where needed. Well done Year 6!

Student awardEveryone!

There have been so many nominations for the extraordinary efforts by students this year. Today in assembly, students turned to their peers and thanked them for being a Westy!


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