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Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022

In formulating this strategic plan, the St Michael’s community has undertaken a thorough and inclusive process. Through this process we have assessed how well we are going as a school, identified emerging concerns and discussed new initiatives and opportunities. We are appreciative of the feedback provided through the community consultation and a commitment to the emerging aspirations.
Read the entire 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan 2023 – 2026

School Performance Data - 2023

This report is a government requirement and provides information about the school’s activities and performance for the 2023 academic year. It highlights our school results and outcomes and helps set targets for improvement during 2024. The school’s website contains many relevant documents that will provide additional information for parents..
View the School Performance Data for 2023.

School Prayer

Loving God

Be with us always and guide us to live as followers of Christ.

Help us to show a kind heart and a helping hand to those in need.

Unite our school community in faith, compassion, truth and service as we live our Mercy values.

St Michael,
Pray for us.

Live Jesus in our heart, Forever.

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