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CONNECTED App for St Michael's Bassendean

Our new Integrated Mobile App will simplify communication no matter what the information:

  • Announcements - Messages/Push Notifications to the entire community or to specific designated groups
  • Important Dates - Conveniently displayed calendar events
  • Newsletter - Latest Newsletter and link directly to newsletter archive page
  • Absentee - Electronic absentee notice emailed directly to the school and a copy to the parent. Parents even sign their name before submitting the form.
  • E-Forms - Electronic Excursion/Incursion Permission Forms emailed directly to the school and a copy to the parent. Parents even sign their name before submitting the form.
  • Contact Details - List of School Contacts to allow direct access via email or phone call
  • Other Links - Direct links to your current website and other helpful services

CONNECTED provides critical real time information to where the recipients really need it – straight to your smartphone or tablet.

View more information on How to Install CONNECTED to your Android or iOS device.


SEQTA coneqt provides students and parents with access to key information from their school. The coneqt portal integrates with data entered by staff into SEQTA Teachers’ Assistant, and provide an efficient eco-system for interacting within the school community.
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Lunchbox Ideas

Simone Allen, qualified sports dietician (and St Michael’s parent), and has put together a fabulous resource for us all, regarding lunchbox nutrition, ideas for school lunches, good school snacks and appropriate serve sizes for children. Thanks so much, Simone!
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Communicable Diseases Handbook for Schools Guidelines

Day care and school staff have a key role in preventing the transmission of diseases in day-care and the school environment. While it is often difficult to prevent the transmission of common viral infections that occur during the winter season, every effort should be made to minimize the spread of infection.
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School Prayer

Loving God

Be with us always and guide us to live as followers of Christ.

Help us to show a kind heart and a helping hand to those in need.

Unite our school community in faith, compassion, truth and service as we live our Mercy values.

St Michael,
Pray for us.

Live Jesus in our heart, Forever.

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