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School Policies

Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students.

Dispute of Complaint

The purpose of this publication is to provide an overview of the process to be utilised in Catholic schools in the resolution of a dispute or complaint that may arise from time to time.


St Michael’s School supports the overall aim of homework to enhance the learning that happens in the school environment at home. Homework should be an effective tool that consolidates understanding, fosters lifelong learning and provides an opportunity for students to share in the responsibility of their learning.

Whistleblower Policy

The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) Whistleblower Policy and associated procedures are designed to uphold CEWA Ltd’s shared values arising from the Catholic Social Teaching Principles of the dignity of the human person, the common good, subsidiarity, co-responsibility and participation.
Read the full policy.



If a child requires medicine for any reason please ensure that it is handed into the office and not kept in the child’s bag. Please be sure to include written instructions that your child can easily follow. Staff are not responsible for the administering of medication, but will access the medication and assist your child to follow the instructions you have provided.

Medical Conditions

The staff need to know about any medical condition that a child has which may require medication or emergency treatment. These conditions could include Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies (such as bee stings, intolerance to food products), or anything that you feel the staff need to be aware of.

Please complete a Medication and Treatment Form (one form per child); copies are available from the office. Your child’s name and photograph will be added to the Medic Alert Board located in the staff room. This will mean all staff will be aware of appropriate action or treatment. Privacy guidelines apply.

View our Allergy Friendly School Fact Sheet

View our policy on Anaphylaxis

Children Who Are ill

When your child is ill please keep them at home or arrange care for them, school can be a lonely place when you don’t feel well. When your child returns to school please send in an absentee note.

There are many illnesses that are common in primary schools (especially lower primary) and spread quickly. Chicken pox, Measles, and Mumps are just a few. Most families are affected at some point and keeping your ill child at home may prevent others catching the illness.

Cold sores and lice are two common problems faced in schools. Nearly every child will bring home one or both of these at some time, as they love to be close to each other and are constantly touching everything as they learn. When your child does suffer either situation they must remain at home until the weeping in cold sores ceases or treatment has cleared the problem.

Cold sores are a virus and appear as areas of small blisters often around the nose and mouth. This can be more serious if children then touch their eyes and spread the virus there. Lice are small animals that lay their eggs on the hair shaft near the scalp. It is said that they prefer clean hair and just normal washing is not enough to prevent your child catching them. Offer to brush your child’s hair regularly so you can make a discreet check, this is most important in older children as we don’t often need to be doing their hair. Treatment is available from the chemist for both conditions and should be used as soon as you notice the problem.

If you have any queries about exclusion periods for illness please contact the school office.

Dental Check

Each student is provided with a free annual dental check, this is provided by the Health Department and is not compulsory if you would prefer your own dentist. Our dental unit is located at Guildford Primary School. Appointment cards are sent home with your child advising of date and time with approximately one to two weeks notice. It is your responsibility to take your children to these appointments, if you wish to take advantage of this service. Should dental treatment be required, the unit will treat your child free of charge. Alternatively you may consult your family dentist.

Community Nurse

In Pre-Primary your child will be assessed by the Community Nurse in the areas of speech, hearing, sight and motor skills. Should your child require attention in any of these areas the nurse would inform you in writing and make appropriate recommendations.


Parents wishing to take their children out of school for a period longer than 2 days which is not related to illness, must apply for permission from the Principal. Special forms are available from the office.
Please refer to our school attendance policy.


Merit Certificates

During the school year, students are awarded certificates for their efforts. Certificates are given to students or classes in recognition for outstanding effort on their part in any area of their school life. These are awarded at Friday morning assemblies and are published in the school newsletter, which will be loaded onto the St Michael's website.

Class Awards

These awards are made to senior students only during the Thanksgiving and Awards ceremony held at the end of each school year.

Specific details of the awards are contained in the descriptions given on award night.

Other Achievements

Individual, class or small group achievements are recognised throughout the year in many ways. Our school encourages all students to strive to achieve their personal best in all they participate in, both inside and out of school.

School Uniform - Dress Code

The uniform is not meant to establish uniformity or to deny individuality, rather it is a symbol of the school and will help our children identify with the school and develop a sense of belonging. Wearing the uniform encourages a sense of pride in appearance. The school will insist that the full uniform be worn and that parents will support the school in this matter.

As your children will soon learn, there is a NO HAT NO SUN rule that applies all year; this means students without a hat will be asked to remain in the shaded area during recess and lunch.

Apart from the shoes, students should only wear clothing that comes from the St Michael’s Uniform Shop.

Please Note Sandals are NOT part of the uniform for Year 1-6 Students.


Children in this class are not required to wear the school uniform. The Kindergarten teachers do organise a special T-shirt (which is available from the uniform shop) for wearing and they are encouraged as a sign of belonging to our community. The ordering of these T-shirts will take place in first term.

Pre Primary

From 2013, Pre Primary education in Western Australia has become compulsory and therefore the students will be required to wear the school uniform. However, we would like your child to only wear the sport uniform each day as there is a lot of physical learning in this class and the students will be able to move around easier in this type of clothing.

The Uniform

Girls' Standard Uniform

Summer: Green checkered dress with embroidered crest, black school shoes with white socks, school jumper (if needed) and school hat;

Winter: Pleated Blackwatch Tartan skirt or grey trousers, white blouse with crest, Blackwatch Tartan tie, black school shoes with white socks or blue tights (optional).

Boys' Standard Uniform

Summer: White short sleeve shirt with crest, grey shorts, black school shoes, ankle length grey school socks with red and green bands, school jumper (if needed) and school hat;

Winter: White shirt with crest, grey trousers, black school shoes, ankle length grey school socks with red and green bands, Blackwatch Tartan tie and school jumper.

Sports Uniform

Students wear their sports uniform twice a week; please check with the class teacher which days apply to your child/children. This uniform consists of a red coloured knit T-shirt with school crest or faction (worn on class sport days) or School Faction coloured T-shirt (depending on their designated faction, worn on Phys Ed. Specialist lesson days), bottle green Microfibre sports shorts, predominatly white sports shoes, school sports socks (with green and red trim) /white socks . The school windcheater and track pants are worn in winter.

Coloured Faction Shirts

Students also require a coloured faction shirt for sport carnivals and Physical Education lessons. The colour will depend on their allocated faction.

Casual Dress Days

These occur for special events. Students are required to wear safe, sensible and modest clothing. Enclosed footwear must be worn.


For the many excursions or performances that our children will attend, full standard uniform is required, unless the class teacher informs you otherwise.

Uniform Shop

Uniforms are available from the school uniform shop, which is open on Tuesday 8.30am to 9.15 and Thursday 2.30pm to 3.15. For Kindergarten Pre-primary parents special order forms will be sent home in Term 3 or 4 in readiness for year. Fitting times will be arranged.

Parent volunteers run the uniform shop. Please help them by placing large uniform orders early to allow for delivery. Be patient if the item you need is not available, our school is small and we cannot have large numbers of every size in stock.

Special Size Uniforms, i.e. size 16 and over must be ordered separately and will take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Please note that prices maybe increased for these items.

Click here to view the uniform pricelist


As parents you are asked to check that your children leave home in the morning neatly dressed and properly groomed. Fashionable extremes, as determined by the school, are not permitted and for safety reasons pendant earrings are NOT allowed.The only earrings that can be worn are ones that come in the form of plain gold sleepers or plain gold studs. Necklaces are discouraged. However, for religious purposes, a simple chain with a small crucifix is acceptable. Bracelets and rings are NOT to be worn, especially valuable ones. Medical alert bracelets are fine. Nail polish is not part of the school uniform. Hair styles are to be natural and conservative and below collar length hair is to be tied back with a red hair tie that comes from the St Michael’s uniform shop. What constitutes a conservative hairstyle is at the discretion of the Principal.

In keeping with encouraging pride of appearance at St Michael’s, children are not permitted to draw on themselves or wear tattoos.

Jackets may be worn over the school jumper to and from school in cold weather. Jackets must be removed once the siren rings to commence classes.

Lost Property

There is a lost property basket in the hallway near the unifom shop.; it is usually full of various pieces of uniform. PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS OF UNIFORM AND PERSONAL PROPERTY, as this will make it more likely to be returned or identified in the lost property. Our children should be encouraged to hand into the office anything they find. Thoroughly check the lost property before deciding lost items are gone for good.

Personal Property

All personal property needs to be clearly identified. No child has the right to interfere with another’s property, and as parents you should encourage your children NOT to bring in toys and games.


Parent - Teacher Communication

Ongoing communication between parents and teachers is essential in providing the best education for our children. If there is any matter that you feel needs clarification you are strongly urged to contact the class teacher to arrange a convenient time to meet. This will allow both of you to give your full attention to the discussion. If you find that the matter is not addressed to your satisfaction by the teacher concerned, you should make an appointment to see the Principal.

Parent Teacher Information Nights

A parent – teacher meeting for each class is held early in first term. Class teachers explain classroom policies, practices and procedures at these meetings. All parents are requested to attend these meetings. If you are unable to attend, please arrange an alternative meeting time, with the class teacher.


Our newsletter is called the “VERITAS” which is Latin for the school motto ‘TRUTH’. This newsletter will be emailed to parents and posted on the school website fortnightly. It is important that we all take the time to read the newsletter, as this is the main form of communication between school and home. If you would like to place a notice in the newsletter please contact the school office or your P&F class representative.

Staff Meetings

Staff meetings are held each Wednesday afternoon immediately after school to develop policies, discuss curriculum issues, plan school activities and deal with school administrative matters. If parents need to see the class teacher, please avoid Tuesdays and try to make an appointment for another day.

Absentee Notes

If your child is ill or absent from school for any reason, please provide a note of explanation the day they return to school. Write the note to the class teacher. Not much detail is required. Simply give the date they were away and why eg. due to chicken pox or due to specialist’s appointment etc.

Signing In and Out Procedures

In the case of an emergency or school evacuation it is important for the staff to have the correct information of who is on school grounds.

If you need to take your child out of school during school hours, you must sign them out using the iPad kiosk in the front office.

There are always days when we will be late getting our children to school. If you are more than an hour late, the office will need to be notified and the book signed. In the case of older children they can advise the office themselves. Children often feel embarrassed entering a class when it is settled and continual lateness should be avoided. If you feel your child is uncomfortable or embarrassed, please accompany them to their classroom.

Transport and Parking

Our school has approximately 170 families and the majority of students are dropped off and picked up by car. It’s understandable that we experience congestion and child/car conflicts. St Michael’s Primary School and The Parents and Friends Association are committed to the safety of our children. To this end, the school in conjunction with Road Wise and The Town of Bassendean has developed the following road safety and parking policy.

Car Access

For access to the school at any time of the day, James and Hamilton Streets are most suitable. Both streets have “Kiss and Ride” and “Stop and Chat” access for your car. These terms are explained later in this section.

James Street

This is the busier of two streets at all times of the day. It is used by patrons of the Council and their hall facility, Tennis Club members, overflow from the senior citizens car park and is often used as a collection point for their coach tours. Please do not park in the senior citizens car park. It is not sign posted or at all obvious, but a ROUNDABOUT exists at the bottom of James Street around the large stand of gum trees near the B.I.C. (Bassendean Improvement Committeee refers to the open space near the roundabout at the bottom of James St.) Please use this for turning around, as our children are hard to see if backing out of the many driveways on this street.

There is NO PARKING OR TURNING AROUND in the school driveway at any time. Four “Kiss and Ride” bays have been provided just outside the basketball court. They have parking restriction signage and this means that you may not leave your car. The Town of Bassendean will issue infringement notices to cars parked here during the restricted times (7:30am – 9.00am / 2:30pm – 3.15pm)., Please apply the “Kiss and Ride” rules when using these bays.

Hamilton Street

This street offers much “Stop and Chat” parking. This includes parking right down to the Croquet Club. The small car park in front of the Kindergarten is for staff parking only.

The ‘kiss and ride’ is located immediately outside the entrance to the Church.

No access is permitted to the bitumen area behind the Church during school hours.

"Kiss and Ride"

These areas are designed for picking up and the dropping off your children only, and a flow of traffic is essential for them to work well and not cause inconvenience to parents. They can be found in both James and Hamilton Streets.

Please follow the instructions below when using the “Kiss and Ride” facility:

  • Be sure your child knows which “Kiss and Ride” to meet you at, and that they should be as quick as possible in coming to the car after class is out.
  • Remain in your car at all times.
  • Arrive a little after 3p.m. for pick up to give the children time to get out of class.
  • If you are too early and your child is not there either:
  • Park your car in James or Hamilton Streets and go to meet you child/children as he/she leaves the class
  • Be sure your children exit and enter your car on the school side (passenger side).
  • Stay in the bays for no longer than 2 minutes, they are for drop off and pick up only, this will allow the traffic to flow.
  • Overtaking is not permitted, as small children often forget and may be moving around the cars.
  • The speed limit is 8km/h (walking pace).
  • Drop off time is 8:30a.m. to 8:45a.m. and pick up time is 3:00p.m. to 3:15p.m.

"Stop and Chat"

There is all the usual long-term parking that is available in both streets. Please remember that we are not the only users of these parking facilities. Please use these facilities if you need to talk to a teacher, other parents or if you have young children that need to be collected from their classes. These are the areas you should use when attending the school during the day. Remember the James Street “Kiss and Ride” bays are available for parking after 9am and before 2:30pm, if you need to come up to the school during the day.

NO PARKING OR TURNING AROUND in the school driveway at any time.


Students who cycle to school MUST wear an approved safety helmet at all times. Bikes will be confiscated until a helmet is produced. If students find they need to be on the verandahs with bicycles then they must walk, not ride them.

Bicycles should be parked in the bike racks in the bike shed, and should be chained for safety.

Buses or Trains

If students miss a bus after school they should report to the office for parents to be phoned. Please note the Transperth information number regarding timetables and appropriate bus numbers – 13 62 13.

Walking to School

Children living close to the school are encouraged to walk to school with a parent or guardian. Older children whose parents deem them responsible enough to walk alone are not permitted to visit shops whilst travelling to and from school. Once at school, children may not leave the grounds without a staff member’s permission. Parents picking up students from the school during school hours must sign them out at the school office.

Crossing The Road

Children are not permitted to cross James Street on their own. They must be accompanied by a parent or the teacher on duty.

School Prayer

Loving God

Be with us always and guide us to live as followers of Christ.

Help us to show a kind heart and a helping hand to those in need.

Unite our school community in faith, compassion, truth and service as we live our Mercy values.

St Michael,
Pray for us.

Live Jesus in our heart, Forever.

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