3 James St
Bassendean WA 6054
PO Box 428
Bassendean WA 6934
08 6278 9888
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St Michael's Staff

Parish Priest Fr Benedict Lee
Assistant Principal Mr Ryan Powles
Assistant Principal Mrs Jemima Saunders
Principal Dr Siobhan Galos
Year 6 Mr David Caddy and Mrs Jane Cullen
Year 5 Mr Ryan Powles (Assistant Principal) with Mrs Courtney Carr
Year 4 Mrs Katherine Turner
Year 3 Mrs Jemima Saunders (Assistant Principal) with Mrs Marina Thompson
Year 2 Mrs Laura Marzo
Year 1 Miss Nat Pin
Pre Primary Meadhbh Glasgow-Collins
Pre Primary Support Mrs Chris Venosi
Kindergarten Mrs Neala Welch
Kindergarten Support Mrs Nicola Gallagher and Mrs Jo Richards
Reading Recovery Mrs Pauline Lochowicz
Science Mr Rob Coughlan
Art Mrs Renee Vasilliou
Physical Education Miss Natalie Brescacin
Music Mrs Rochelle Albert
Italian Signora Maria Famiano
Students With Disabilities Coordinator Mrs Marina Thompson
Special Education Support Mrs Lola Stewart,Mrs Lisa Grazia and Mr Thomas Sassanelli
Support Year 1/2 Mrs Rose Mumme
Support Year 3-6 Mrs Lesley Schnell
Adminstration Officer Mrs Del Murray
Administration Assistant Finance Officer
Administration Assistant Mrs Geraldine Nolan
Canteen Mrs Linda Ford
Social Worker Mrs Lisa Mueller
Library Technician Mrs Vicki Stenning

School Prayer

Loving God

Be with us always and guide us to live as followers of Christ.

Help us to show a kind heart and a helping hand to those in need.

Unite our school community in faith, compassion, truth and service as we live our Mercy values.

St Michael,
Pray for us.

Live Jesus in our heart, Forever.

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