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St Michael’s School


Message from the Principal – Newsletter 17

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I hope you have all had a great week. This week at school we welcomed parents back on site for pick-up and drop-off, received our new raised garden beds and appointed new staff members to fill the roles left by Mrs Panizza and Mrs Shanahan.

This week we welcomed the parents back on site. We were not exactly sure what to expect at pick-up and drop-off but it has all gone smoothly. Many parents have continued to utilise the kiss and drop from James St. This has been a huge positive of the COVID experience. Students have gained confidence through increased responsibility, are more settled in the morning and ready for the school day. We are waiting on further communication about parents being able to get into the classrooms. Once this is allowed, the classes are looking at introducing one morning a week for parent visits.

Just like drop-off, parents have continued to use the James St pick-up but there has been an increase in parents picking up the students. To remove some of the confusion and delay in collecting the children, parents are invited to wait on the lower basketball court against the south wall (Year 2/3 side). That way the children will be able to see the parents and parents can call to the students instead of waiting for a teacher to write down family names.

Now that visitors are allowed onsite, parents are able to visit the Uniform Shop in person. Students are not able to try on clothes but parents can size the students up to purchase the correct uniform. Teachers will be contacting parents for students who are continually not wearing the correct uniform. Tania has also informed me that there are used ties available for $5 for those students who need one.

We are excited to announce the appointment of new staff members: Mrs Renee Vassiliou and Mrs Rochelle Albert. Mrs Vassiliou is an experienced artist and Visual Art teacher. She comes with many years of experience teaching across senior and primary school. Mrs Albert brings a range of experience in the performing arts along with many years teaching music in Catholic schools. We look forward to welcoming them to the St Michael’s community in Term 3.

This week we received our new raised garden beds. They will be placed in the existing garden area. The new garden beds provide learning opportunities for the junior years and increased awareness of sustainability across the school as we get our compost system up and running again. You can read more in the Media Ministry section.

Over recent weeks we have seen the topic of racism brought to the forefront in the news. People in America and throughout cities around the world, including Perth, have challenged societies and the social barriers that are in place. At St Michael’s, we continue to acknowledge and celebrate all cultures in our community. Recently we celebrated Reconciliation Week and recognized the need to continue to work for equality and a just future for all. Lisa Mueller has shared some ways that parents can discuss racism with students and some topics that may arise in the Social Worker section.


Warm regards,

Ryan Powles
Acting Principal


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