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St Michael’s School


4 James St
Bassendean WA 6054
PO Box 428
Bassendean WA 6934
08 6278 9888
Absentee Line – 6278 9802

St Michael’s School


Student Achievements

Merit Awards

PP…..Shelley S.,  Vincent G. (Italian)

Y1…..Skylar S. (Class and Italian)   Veronica R.

Y2…..Jonathon Ng. (Italian)

Y3…..Asher W.  Felix K.

Y4…..Clementine R-S.,

Y5…..Devlin P.  Zoe R.

Y6…..Liam P.


2020 Catholic Performing Arts Festival

Congratulations to our talented students who received a participation certificate for their solo performances in the 2020 Catholic Performing Arts Festival:

Primary Piano Performance:

Leah. V, Attia. W, Augustin. P, Giselle. B, Harry. T, Marcella. P and Mia. S.

Primary Instrumental Solo (Strings) :

Augustin. P

Primary Vocal Solo:

Emily, D.


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