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St Michael's School


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St Michael's School


Message from the Principal – Newsletter 18

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I hope you have all had a terrific week.

Sports Uniform Adjustment – Sneakers

I have been pondering on our current uniform policy in relation to the stipulation of white sneakers when wearing the sports uniform. The initial intent behind this requirement by many schools was to encourage uniformity and discourage trends that put pressure on parents to purchase expensive sneakers. However, in consultation with parents in recent years, trying to find predominantly white sneakers can often be difficult and more costly. Therefore, in consultation with the school board, I am relaxing this element of the uniform policy in relation to the colour of sports shoes. There are now no restrictions on the colour of sneakers that students can wear. We ask parents to please use common sense by not purchasing excessively expensive sneakers for use at school. All other aspects of the uniform policy remain in place and we ask parents to assist their children to adhere to this by sending them to school with the correct uniform items and by adhering to rules around conservative hairstyles, jewellery etc. The updated uniform requirements can be found on our school website:


New Scholarships Page on Website

During our community consultant process for the development of our strategic plan, one piece of feedback that arose was that parents would find it helpful to be provided with some information about secondary school scholarships. As a result, we have added a new page to our website outlining some scholarship information:

If you are aware of any other scholarships that we can add to this page, please let us know!


P & F Meetings & Events

Please note that the next P & F meeting is scheduled for Monday 5th August. From this meeting onwards, P & F meetings will commence at the earlier time of 7.15pm.

The P & F have now set a date for their annual disco. This will be held on Friday 9th August. You may like to make a note of this in your calendars.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you at the parish function on Sunday morning for the opening of the beautiful new bell tower!


God bless

Dr Siobhan Galos


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