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Secondary School Scholarships

When determining the best secondary school to send your child to once they have graduated from St. Michael’s, some families may be interested in obtaining a scholarship. Generally, secondary school scholarships are offered by each individual school or college and parents should check the websites of the school/s that they are interested in their child attending.

Most scholarships are tailored towards students who demonstrate particular skills (such as outstanding academic, sporting, musical or artistic achievement) or who meet a particular set of criteria (such as financial need, cultural background, family location, religious background).

Depending on the scholarship, applicants may be required to sit an examination, attend an interview, be currently enrolled, practice a particular faith, be involved in a particular community, provide a portfolio, play an instrument or be from an isolated area. Some schools specify that the applicant must be the child or grandchild of a former student, be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, or live in the immediate area. A school’s scholarship program will often demonstrate where its values lie.

Provided below are links to some Catholic school websites that traditionally provide scholarships for secondary students:

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