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St Michael’s School exists for the primary purpose of providing Catholic children from the Parish of St Joseph’s Bassendean with a Catholic Education.

Thus the priority for enrolment is:

  • Siblings of students already at St Michael's.
  • Catholic students from St Joseph’s Parish.
  • Catholic students from outside the parish.
  • Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations.
  • Other non-Catholic students.

Unless the Director General provides prior approval the school does not permit any child to be enrolled at the school before the final year of their early education period and the child has turned 3 years of age.

Please complete the Application forms and return them to the school, with all necessary accompanying paperwork, if you are interested in enrolling your child at St Michael’s. Please be aware that completion of the Application form will not guarantee a place in the school, it is an expression of interest to be considered for enrolment only.

A non-refundable application fee of $55 is payable upon submission of your application form.

Upon acceptance of enrolment, an Acceptance Fee of $150 is payable to secure your place which is refundable off school fees when the student attends the school.

Download the Application forms.

The School may terminate a student’s enrolment contract if, in the Principal’s discretion exercised reasonably, the relationship between the parents/guardians and the school has deteriorated to the extent that the mutual trust and confidence needed for a cooperative and respectful working relationship, has been irreparably broken. Similarly, the School may terminate the contract if the Principal, at the Principal’s discretion, determines that the student is making unsatisfactory progress, has an unsatisfactory attitude or has displayed unacceptable behaviour, or has broken the School rules. In such cases, the School will not be obliged to refund any fees and charges. Moreover, any fees and charges outstanding at the time of the contract termination, will still be payable.

School Fees

The provision of Catholic education to all is made with an awareness of the constraints imposed by financial considerations affecting the functioning of Catholic schools. As parents we are therefore asked to make a commitment to support the school by paying fees on time.

Parents/guardians who are responsible for the payment of school fees and hold a current means tested family Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card with the code “PPS”, will be entitled to a discount on tuition fees and building levy.

Maximum tuition fee to be paid by eligible card holders currently is $300 per student with a $90 building levy per family. Application form with relevant Centrelink card needs to be emailed to

The discounted tuition fee does not cover additional charges such as amenities, subject levies and camps.

Accounts are sent home at the commencement of each term and can be paid with different payment options. Payments can be made by BPay, Direct Debit or EFTPOS. Direct debit is the preferred option by the school.

Any parents experiencing difficulty with the payment of school fees are asked to contact the Principal.

Uniform Price List

Please note:

  • The school uniform is compulsory.
  • The correct school uniform is to be worn at all times.
  • Students in Year 1 to Year 6 should only wear clothing to school that comes from the uniform shop, except shoes.

Download the St Michael's School Uniform Shop Price List.

School Prayer

Loving God

Be with us always and guide us to live as followers of Christ.

Help us to show a kind heart and a helping hand to those in need.

Unite our school community in faith, compassion, truth and service as we live our Mercy values.

St Michael,
Pray for us.

Live Jesus in our heart, Forever.

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